Hello! Hola! Salve! Bonjour! ....Sup 😁

First off, we just want to say "Thank You" ~ this small business wouldn't be possible without your support and we are SO grateful! 


So you want to know a little back story...eh?


Coffee for us, like many, was a social drink with friends that became a dependent through college and then even more so when the kiddos came. Don't get me wrong, we've always loved coffee and rarely missed a morning without it but we were never really focused on the aroma or flavor or much more than just getting the caffeine in our systems as fast as possible. 

What changed you asked?...

☝️This...this cup of coffee in this picture is when it all changed. A few years back we were fortunate enough to visit Belize (Ambergris Caye to be exact) and savored our very first cup of specialty coffee! You guys - it was HEAVEN IN A CUP! (and it pretty much ruined all commercialized coffee for us when we got back home)

Fast forward a couple of years and many many endeavors to find similar coffee later, we returned to the island for a second dose of the good stuff and were convinced that we had to have more accessibility to fresh single origin coffee, roasted to a smooth velvety perfection. 

When it became clear that attempts to import large quantities from such a distance just weren't practical in the current environment, we decided to take a leap and do the next best thing, roast our own. While we are far from perfect, we do think we've come up with a few good roasts that we're excited to share! 

So please take a look and if you haven't found something you love just yet, stay tuned as we are always working to improve our craft , try new origins and strive to roast that perfect cup! 

We will also be adding blends and espressos to our offerings - so keep an eye out for your next favorite! 


Much love, 

Megan and Sam