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Bold Blend/Espresso

Bold Blend/Espresso

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Did you know that Espresso refers to a brew method or brewed product? Any roasted coffee can be made into expresso but we think our hand selected, expertly crafted dark roasted beans are second to none!

This tantalizing dual origin blend will bring you the rich mouthfeel you'd expect from a luxury coffee and the comfortable honeyed flavors of our house favorite! 

We also suggest this blend for the bold coffee lovers! 


Enjoy your coffee just the way you like it with our convenient grind options included at no extra charge. Whether you enjoy a classic drip, pour over, french press or an espresso, we've got you covered!


1200-1800 METERS




All of our coffee is Ethically Sourced and 100% Arabica.

We package in 12oz bags.

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Pairs nicely with a slow inhale and long exhale

Stay tuned for your next favorite cup!

We are currently working on roasting new origins as well as some delectable blends and espressos.